WordPress is starting to get on my nerves because there’s a lot of restrictions and a lot of workaround need to be done to get something up. Like the twitter widget which is in TEXT FORM and I can’t even customize it! And when I want to put Plurk also cannot this cannot that cannot


I’ve had enough.

So I’m changing blog! Which sucks because I hate to move again because all my entries are still here and I don’t know how to move all of them over to the new blog. Anyone know how please let me know sigh I want to just maintain 1 blog and have everything inside 1 blog!





Shoes With No Sole.

Few weeks ago, my shoe sole got torn in the gym.


See? The whole thing got TORN OFF and was separated. And I nearly tripped and fell on the treadmill. This pair was bought 3 years ago when I was in Hong Kong.

But never mind! Everyone don’t worry! I used to buy few pairs of shoes when I was rich (WAS *ehem) so I digged out the 2nd pair which I bought 5 years ago in US.

Few days ago………………………………………







SEE!!! The whole sole just got torn after 1 gym session! Even the 2 white lines were torn and dragging the floor =( Must be the shoe is too old and everything is too..u know…hard…so it’s easy to break it. Or maybe I run too keng already wtf.


God must be hating me a lot right now. No more any kind of exercise for me AT ALL. I ran out of shoes *wipes away tears.

All my shoes have no soles now. Same goes to the owner.

Weekend Penang Tour

It’s a damn tiring weekend, but fun though. I had to be the tourist guide and bring Pauline & Martin around the island and show them the historical heritage site haha konon. But end up only brought them to few makan places, Penang hill, Kek Lok Si, QEII, QBay, Kuan Yin Temple. hmm. I think that’s about it haha I don’t even know where to bring them! Penang where got interesting places to go la. Oh but I missed out beaches coz it rained the whole weekend.

I didn’t even spend a single second at home. Just reach home to sleep around midnight everyday then wake up, brushed up and left in the morning again.

Later I’m going back Johor yah finally after all the travelling finally I get to go HOME. Photos from the weekend are all with Martin and will be copying from him later.

I had a NIGHTMARE yesterday. I hadn’t had one since god knows how long. Probably because too many things happened in the weekend and I kind of jumbled everything together to be 1 dream. I dreamt that I went into this room with some decorations. Nothing special so I walked out. Then my brother went in, and I followed behind. I think my brother criticized the room or something, and when we turned around, we saw a couple more decorations in the room that weren’t there when we came in.

So we freaked out and left the room, then we sat in the living room outside the room just now. The room’s door kept opening itself and someone kept saying “close the door” and my brother kept closing the doors. But after a few minutes the door opened itself again. After a few times of failing to close the door, I looked over to the door and a cardboard with marker words appear from behind the door. I cannot remember exactly the full sentence but it’s something like the “ghost” is asking for 2 hot chocolates takeaway. One non chocolate driven hot chocolate and one chocolate driven hot chocolate.


Where to find that! You say scary or not the ghost!

After I woke up, I told Step the whole story and we analyzed the dream and the conclusion is

I watched the “Jangan Tegur” trailer in the cinema which is a Malay ghost story.

I used a marker pen to write on the candle for prayers when I go to Kek Lok Si

I drank hot chocolate in QEII which is not very chocolate-y. (hence the non chocolate driven hot chocolate wtf)


nightmare sucks. Becasue u feel like crap when u wake up.

I’m melting!

Seriously lo. what’s up with the weather nowadays?

I felt like I’m about to melt sigh and do you know how much I get darker after Bangkok? I’m like a Thai girl now already! In fact when I was shopping there those people talk to me in Thai and then when I say “how much” they reply me “oh you’re not Thai? You’re so Thai!”


What is that supposed to mean?? That I’m dark or I look like maid sigh.

Now I’m dark and 2 kg heavier. Today I go out feeling so insecure like everyone looking at me thinking why I gain so much weight. Like the Michelin girl already got tyre tyre around. FML. My camera is not with me. I’ll get it back on Thurs and I’ll blog all about Bangkok and Hatyai.

I’m watching PPS. PPS is great hohohohohohohoho I finished the police story series 30 episodes in less than 2 days. All hail PPS.  Kthxbye.


I’m back.

Sigh why does 1 week seems so short??

Bangkok here I come!

It’s not that I don’t want to blog.

excuses wtf

Did I tell you my home PC is fixed? hooray!!! Now I can watch PPS and download songs again. The day PC is fixed I watched 28 episodes of 学警狙击 continuously you say keng or not. Life is good I love life now wtf.Thanks to Nick who borrowed me his HD casing so I can format the HDD using my laptop. But I didn’t use FatBoySlim’s SATA casing coz I lazy to do my other SATA HDD I don’t fuck care already I just need to watch PPS asap. haha.

So I attempted to download Photoshop yesterday to print up my blog address on the Hatyai photos but the downloading is SO SLOW wtf because I’m watching PPS wtf but I decided PPS is more important than updating the blog haha

I got back from Hatyai on Monday night. And later I’m flying to Bangkok hurray!!! I was so worried I had to void my flight ticket coz of the riot and all that but fuck that shit lah no red shirt yellow shirt people can stop me from going okay!!! I checked the news and well, Bangkok riot ended last week and it’s all peace now. I hope they don’t suddenly do the protest rally again coz the shopping malls will close down then what is the point I fly over to sleep in the hotel is it. I also googled up on the four faced buddha that I need to go because the last time I went, I only put the joss sticks at 1 of the faces coz nobody told me I’m supposed to divide the joss sticks and put all 4 faces. No wonder nothing goes right after that haha.

I won’t be bringing my laptop so I’ll be internet-less for a week. Don’t miss me too much okay.

By the way, who want to buy 我的美丽日记 mask please email me at My MSN sometimes rosak already I didn’t get your order. Discounts discounts on the mask don’t miss it! =D Almost everyone who bought already restock from us because everyone likes it.


My relative has 4 other types of mask that we don’t have: Natto, Sake Yeast, Chocolate and Strawberry. If you want, I can help you get from her also. Natto and Sake is cheaper. Choco and stberry is RM4.50 coz they’re new products I think. The illustration below I copy from her website.

Natto Rejuvenating


Purpose: Form a thin protective layer on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss & effectively penetrates into our skin for intensive hydration. Helps to regain lustre of our skin. Helps to reducing signs of aging like fine lines & wrinkles. Regains elasticity back to the skin.

Cool Sake Yeast Mask


Purpose: Boosts the skin’s metabolism leaving fairer, flawless and translucence skin. Regenerate and repair damaged skin. Locks the moisture in the skin and control oil secretion. Boosts the regeneration of the skin, provides hydration and at the same time maintain elasticity.

Chocolate Mask


Purpose: Nourish skin , repair and anti-aging, recover from dullness and turn back to smooth and refined skin. It removes old skin cells, leaving a fine skin texture with smooth finish.

Strawberry Mask


Purpose: Delicate, radiant and firm skin. Suitable for all skin types esp dull, rough skin that lacks firmness.

That’s all.

I’ve never tried any of that becasue I don’t have all that so I can’t give you any review. But she likes strawberry a lot and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on Strawberry as well. But it’s weird right? I’ve never heard of Chocolate mask? Use already can eat is it?

I haven’t really pack finish yet sigh never mind lah forget to bring then buy there. Everything is cheap in Thailand anyway. If you’ve been there and have some places MUST VISIT in Bangkok, email me! I’ll be checking my gmail IF the lobby has access =)

I’m not dead.

Just…slow. haha. Will update tonight with pictures from Thailand..Hopefully.